Spring Maintenance Reminders for our Residents

Posted by Lindsey Austin on Mar 20, 2018 10:50:23 AM


All of us here at Alden Short, Inc. are rejoicing because today is the first day of Spring! We want to take this opportunity to remind our residents of their responsibilities when it comes to home and yard maintenance. There are four main areas we want to review, and we go into detail about these below.

1. Code Compliance and Your Yard: 

As a resident of an Alden Short, Inc. property, you are part of the community in which you reside. The city upholds a certain set of standards that expected to be followed to maintain an image. Please adhere to the following rules to avoid a citation (which you are responsible for paying):

  • Front yard and backyard mowed, and the grass is less than 6 inches tall
  • Mow and trim the alley way
  • Ensure all tree branches are trimmed at least 10 ft from the ground

Your yard will grow and change with the season, so please keep your yard maintained by performing these duties on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. 

2. Foundations:

All houses are built upon cement blocks or slabs, called the foundation. Since these are anchored to the ground, and the ground shifts, so will the foundation. To avoid the ground from drying out and causing serious foundation problems including cracks, it's important to water your foundation twice a week for 5-10 minutes each time. This will help avoid cracks in walls, doors not being able to open or close, sewer backups, water leaks and much more.

3. Air Conditioners:

Most of our houses have central air conditioning systems. To keep it working properly and your home nice and cool, especially during the brutal summer heat, it's important to check two areas:

  • Air filters- Dirty air filters prevent the flow of air over the evaporator, reducing the unit's ability to cool the air. Because less air is flowing over the evaporator, the compressor and condenser have to work harder. If the condenser and compressor overwork, they can burn out and leave the house with no conditioned air. It is important to make sure to change the air filters every month. You can buy these at Walmart, Home Depot, or any other home specialty store.
  • Condensers- These are the large units that sit outside of the home. This pulls the warm air out of the house and outside, so it's very important to make sure it is kept clean and does not have any items blocking air flow.

4. Sewers and Water Leaks:

Houses have a sewer system that is built for only one family, meaning they are not as forgiving as those you would find in commercial properties or larger multi-family units. Because of this, it's important to avoid flushing foreign objects including tampons, sanitary napkins, paper towels and other items.  If objects like these are flushed, it can cause the sewer to back up, causing a very unfortunate smell to linger in the home. Our maintenance team will help repair it, but if we do find a foreign object, you will be charged.

Water leaks can cause tremendous damage to the home, inside and out. If you have a running toilet, leaky faucets or water that never seems to drain, give our maintenance team a call to come fix it. This will help keep your water bill low and prevent more damage to the property. Water leaks can lead to foundation problems, with can take 4-8 weeks to repair.

 Keeping your home in proper working order (and looking great!) is as easy as that. Contact Alden Short, Inc. with any questions that should arise as you start your Spring maintenance.

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