Settle into your home in Pleasant Grove

The heart of Southeast Dallas

Settlers first came to the area known today as Pleasant Grove in the 1840s. By 1875, a wooden building was used as a union church and a school. A few years later, a man named Don Lebow built another school and named it Pleasant Grove after its location in a grove of cottonwood trees. The town and school incorporated the names and the rest is history.

Following WWII, population of Pleasant Grove boomed and businesses began to pop up, including a new bank and Pleasant Grove Shopping Center. In the following years, Pleasant Grove held its own and fought incorporation movements. In 1962, the Greater Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce was formed, then eventually expanded into the Southeast Dallas Chamber of Commerce, which still exists today.

Area attractions and things to do near Pleasant Grove:

  • Residents and visitors alike love the picturesque wilderness of Great Trinity Forest. It is home to white-tailed deer, river otters, feral hogs, American alligators, wood storks and many other species. Additionally, you'll find hidden lakes, springs and incredible views of Dallas in the distance.
  • Established in 1964, Crawford Memorial Park is a 266.2-acre metropolitan park available for residents to enjoy jogging trails, a football field, basketball court, a playground, garden areas, picnic tables and much more.
  • A very short drive away is the Trinity River Audubon Center, a nature reserve with hiking and biking trails, kayaking tours and bird-watching lookouts!
  • You may recognize Charco-Broiler Steak House by the large bull on top of the building. It has served prime cuts of meat to the Pleasant Grove area for decades, and features steaks, chicken dinners, hamburgers, seafood, sandwiches, and, if there's any room left, a robust salad bar.

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