How To Declutter Your Home for the New Year

Posted by Lindsey Austin on Dec 26, 2017 9:38:11 AM

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With the new year right around the corner, many of us are thinking about our resolutions and what we can do to start 2018 off on the right note. Some of us may join the gym and make this year the year we finally lose the weight! For others, it may be time to buckle down and begin the journey towards financial freedom. But for those of us who just want to cut the clutter from our lives and clear our home of things we don't need, this one's for you. Here are some helpful ways to declutter your home for the brand-new year.

  1. First thing's first: The closet. Your closet is prime real estate space for storing items, but you've got to make way for those items by getting rid of some of those clothes you haven't worn in years. The best way to do this is to make three piles: the "keep" pile, the "trash" pile and the "donate" pile. Say goodbye to those items with holes, the ones you haven't worn in years and those that just aren't functional (or appropriate) for where you are in your life.
  2. While you're in there, it's time to look through your shoes and do the same. If you have old, run-down sneakers that have seen the light of day, get rid of them! And those 6-inch heels you haven't worn in years can go, too. If you have the means, buy a shoe bag that hangs on the back of your closet door, or small shelves that you can stack your shoes on. You'll feel much better opening the closet door and having space to walk around.
  3. It's likely that over the years, you've collected odds and ends of kitchenware. You may have some Tupperware containers with missing lids, random Christmas mugs or those nice items that seemed smart when you bought them (Egg slicer? A knife can do the same job) but just take up space. Throw those in the donate pile.
  4. Ok ladies, brace yourselves. This one may be a doozy. It's time now to clean out some items you may have a hard time letting go of: bags and accessories. We all have that section in the closet where we hang our jewelry and handbags that we've had since high school. Donating the ones you've moved on from can mean they go to someone who will really cherish them.
  5. The medicine cabinet could use a good cleaning. Check for expiration dates and (safely) toss the items you can. Prescription medications need to be returned to the pharmacy so they can be correctly disposed of. Throwing them away could potentially put them in the hands of the wrong person or child. It's not worth the risk.
  6. How many boxes of holiday and seasonal decorations would you say you have? Ten? You may be right, and honestly, the day after holidays is the best time to stock up. But... whatever is worn, outdated, or just not meaningful anymore can be donated.
  7. If you still have them, it's likely that your CDs and DVDs are outdated. With Netflix, Amazon Prime TV and a billion others, the need for physical entertainment is unlikely. Keep the sentimental ones and donate the rest. And, while you're in that drawer, check for any miscellaneous plugs or cords that don't belong with anything.
  8. Take a que from the kitchenware and get to work on the fridge. Check the expiration dates, any items that have only a tiny bit left, or bulky items that take up too much space in their current containers. Move those items to smaller containers, and get rid of the rest!
  9. Decluttering your home doesn't just apply to what's inside its four walls. Take a few hours and clean out your phone- that includes apps, emails, photos and text messages you've held onto. Unless they're very important, they can go.
  10. Move on out to the garage and begin sorting through tools, boxes, or miscellaneous stuff you've stored there. There's no better time than the present to get rid of things you don't need in order the clear the way for a decluttered new year.

Say it with us- ahhhhh! Doesn't that feel good? You decluttered your space, got rid of unnecessary items, and made people smile with the items you donated. Now, don't forget that your neighborhood offers bulk pick-up items at one point or another. Check your community's page on our website for all the details.

Happy New Year from all of us here at Alden Short!

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