10 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small House

Posted by Lindsey Austin on Dec 12, 2017 5:01:18 PM

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Big, spacious, beautiful homes are dreamy. But, for some of us, it's unattainable or just plain unrealistic, especially if it's a rental home. Plus, small homes or apartments can be just as nice if you know how to make the most of the space you're provided. Here are ten efficient ways to maximize space in a small home.

  1. Get rid of large furniture: Large entertainment systems and armoires are outdated and not multifunctional. In the bedroom, opt for rolling under-bed storage that can store seasonal clothes, personal items, or things you want out of the way. In the living room, opt for shelving that doubles as a tv stand. Underneath, store sofa blankets, kid's toys, magazines, or whatever else you might have lying around in the living room.
  2. Consider buying a sofa bed: Like futons, sofa beds can double as both formal seating areas or an extra place for family members and guests to sleep.
  3. Paint the walls a light, neutral color: The lighter the color, the more open the room feels. Darker colors tend to make the room feel smaller and more crowded.
  4. Hang pictures high: The higher you can get away with hanging your pictures, the larger your ceilings and walls will feel. Rule of thumb is to position the picture at eye level or higher.
  5. Use a tension rod in the kitchen: There's tons of valuable storage space under your kitchen sink. So instead of taking up pantry space with your cleaning supplies, put a tension rod under the kitchen sink and hang your spray bottles on it.
  6. Use 3M hooks to hang baskets: To avoid drilling into walls or cabinets, especially if it's in violation of your lease, simply use 3M hooks to hang wire baskets on the wall or on the side of cabinets. You can use these to store toilet paper in the bathroom, spices in the kitchen, or even pots and pans inside your pantry.
  7. DIY a towel rack: Create a PVC pipe towel hanger behind your bathroom door to hang towels. Follow these easy instructions on how to do it for super cheap.
  8. Invest in hidden storage: If you can't completely throw away clutter, at least hide it! Objects like lidded boxes, baskets or chests are open for storage and can help make your space feel less cluttered and therefore larger.
  9. Put up mirrors: Mirrors are easily one of the best ways to make your home feel larger than it is. This optical illusion can be achieved on the cheap by going to a local thrift store and picking up mirrors.
  10. Go armless: When picking out chairs, whether this is comfortable chairs for the living room or kitchen chairs, opt for armless. They're a space saver and can make your room feel larger by eliminating unnecessary elements.

Before you do anything major to the home itself, call your landlord and read through your lease terms thoroughly to make sure you're not in violation. Also see what you need to do at the end of your lease term to put the house back to the condition it was first in; do you need to paint the walls back to their original colors, or fill in the holes made by pictures you hung? Better safe than sorry (and without a security deposit).

In the comments below, tell us how you maximize space in your rental home!

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